I had the opportunity to work for the past three years in the studio of the artist Stéphane Herbelin. His work of molded plaster sculptures, oil paintings and prints inspired me.
This place nestled in the 14th arrondissement was also a protection for a workshop for the restoration of old paintings. Olivier Nouaillé husband of Stéphane was a legendary restaurateur.
In this year 2022, I am leaving this place out of time for another workshop which will be in the real world and about which I will give news very soon.

The workshop is located in the 14th arrondissement. The translucent roof covers the artist's studio and the restoration workshop. A garden made of bamboo and rocks surrounds it. The hanging of my work allows me to become aware of the link that unites the different works. Plaster and colored bandages are part of the research Mixed works
After passing the copper plate in the acid,
I remove the hard varnish.
The engraved design reveals itself little by little.
The forms to receive the cement are ready.
The fence is placed on the print.
The finished plate covered with pigments is broken
to recall the accidents of life and nature
(The earthquake in the region).
The print is glued on various supports, linen canvas, tarlatan etc. The kakemono is hung.