Daniela Roman

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Instagram : daniela1roman_
N° Maison des Artistes : IA38854 / Fondation Taylor since 2023


Born in Romania, I live and work in Paris.
As DPLG architect since 1978, I worked in social housing and set up a design office focusing on “selective waste sorting”.
In 2010, I began photographing uninhabited places, in search of their history and memory. My images restore the nostalgia of these territories and the trace of man.
The subjects range from the Roma to the working class world, from ghost towns to retired plants.
As a descendant of a family of artists, I have had the opportunity to photograph Artists and their Studios in France, Spain, the USA, and India.
In 2016, with the series Elle, I followed a young actress who staged herself in an empty apartment in Paris. Together we invented stories that reveal her/us.
In 2017/18, over the course of two residencies at the Lafarge Foundation in Ardèche, I carried out research on cement plants and the nostalgia of the plants and their “familistères” (family housing complexes) in the Château Verchaus series.
Since 2021, I have been working on the series “Archaeology of the 20th century“, a tribute to the architects Claude Parent and Paul Virilio.
I use different techniques depending on the series.  With photography as a starting point, I use collage and pencils in the series “Elle“, photogravure and pigments in the series “Château Verchaus” and etching in the series “Archaeology of the 20th century“.


2023-2024 « Mini Print International Cadaquès »
« Itinérances » Galerie Coin de Ciel – Paris
2022 « Exhibition Agence VU », Paris
2020 « Artists Studio, a community », Long Island New-York
2020 « Elle », Galerie 51, Paris
2019 « Mois de la photo off », Paris
2018 « Autour du château Verchaus », Viviers, Ardèche
2018 « Salon d’Art Abordable », La Bellevilloise, Paris

2017 « Fotofever », NdF Gallery, Paris
2017 « Biennale de Gentilly », Gentilly
2017 « Mois de la photo off », Paris
2017 « Ateliers d’Artistes » Atelier Stéphane Herbelin, Paris
2016 « East Hampton Artists» – Guild Hall Museum – Long Island New York
2016 « Atelier Gérard Altmann (1923-2012) », Musée Bossuet, Meaux
2015 « Fête solidaire Rom », Ivry-sur-Seine
2015 « 5 images » , Strasbourg

2014 « Réminiscences 2 » & « Enjoy California », Galerie Grand Angle, Clermont-Ferrand
2013 « Enjoy California», Mairie du 10ème, Paris
2011 « Nuit de la Photographie Contemporaine », Place Saint Sulpice, Paris
2008 « Une ville, un jardin, un chantier », Jardin Simonnin , Cachan

Un chantier, Cachan – Val de Marne,
La dernière barre, Athis Mons – 3F Immobilière
Tzigan, Guild Hall Museum – LI-NY,
Atelier Georges Altmann, Musée Bossuet – Meaux,
Cité Blanche Lafarge Ciment – Ville Le Teil
Cité Blanche Lafarge Ciment – Vu’Galery

Télérama (juin/juillet 2022- Vu’)
Fisheye, Sortir à Paris, Connaissance des arts, Compétence photo, France Photographie.


Tzigane - Daniela Roman

“Gypsy” artist’s book, a tribute to the gypsy poet Papuska.

Slide ateliers d'artistes Slide ateliers d'artistes Slide ateliers d'artistes Slide ateliers d'artistes Slide ateliers d'artistes Slide ateliers d'artistes

Artists studios in Stephane Herbelin studio – 27 artists in their studios.

La Cité Blanche

Saul Steinberg's Line
Saul Steinberg's Line

Film made on the occasion of the Saul Steinberg exhibition at the Henri Cartier Bresson Foundation. Steinberg, an artist of Romanian origin, will invent for a large part of contemporary humorous drawing for 60 years in “The New Yorker”. Many exhibitions were devoted to him… (Whitney Museum, Betty Parsons, Pace, Maeght etc.)
This documentary is a portrait seen through the eyes of French cartoonists including CHARLIE HEBDO: Cabu, Desclozeaux, Geluck, Siné, Trez, Wolinski, and extracts from films by Steinberg drawing masks…




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